Packaging Serialization and Anti-Counterfeiting

With over 80 Serialization lines across our global site network, PCI is a true market leader in Packaging Serialization and anti-counterfeiting.

Our sophisticated network of integrated and multi-layered technologies offer a flexible and adaptable solution addressing each and every client need, providing patients with safe and effective medicines through security of supply chain.

We offer solutions for a variety of delivery forms including primary, secondary and tertiary packaging plus finishing solutions for pre-packaged medicines requiring the addition of a serialized code. Our aggregation solution ensures an auditable secure and detailed account, critical to supply chain security.

PCI’s inbound and outbound secure data exchange allows clients to utilize and leverage existing networks, with PCI interfacing with the client preferred IT architecture, providing a seamless and secure data exchange.

Our comprehensive service overview

Providing patients with safe and effective medicines requires assurance that the pharmaceutical supply chain has robust security, maintaining the highest standards for safety and regulatory compliance.

Domestic and international governmental regulations have been implemented to address the global integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Through the use of integrated and multi-layered technologies, a systematic methodology has been undertaken to combat counterfeit drug products, thereby allowing for validation of the integrity of each drug package delivered to patients.

PCI has implemented a sophisticated network of technologies to provide serialized products to our global client base. Partnering with clients as they develop and implement their global secure supply chain strategies, PCI provides a flexible and adaptable solution to address each client need. Engaging with leading industry groups such as GS1, expert staff stay ahead of current and future complex Serialization requirements as they continue to evolve for both developed and emerging markets.

PCI has been actively providing serialized commercial product for both domestic and global markets for many years, enabling a robust understanding of the detailed industry requirements. This industry expertise is further supported through partnership with leading Serialization technology provider Antares, the platform for our global Serialization services.

PCI offers clients Serialization expertise and services that adapt to the needs of their drug product, package configuration and ultimate market destination. We offer tailored and scalable solutions depending on project scope, supporting a wide range of drug products, from very targeted therapies with small patient populations up to the largest high volume global medicines.

This flexible approach extends to our adaptable technologies, giving us the ability to support differing regulatory requirements in various countries around the world. PCI supports clients with both integrated Serialization technologies for highly automated packaging, as well as configurable off-line Serialization technologies capable of providing Serialization for almost any package format.

PCI offers solutions for a variety of delivery forms including primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, as well as providing a finishing solution for pre-packaged medicines simply needing the addition of serialized codes.

To meet individual market requirements and client preferences, PCI also offers in-line product Aggregation providing the confidence of structured parent/child relationships across the various levels of packaging. This Aggregation solution allows clients to receive a secure and detailed account of their drug product, critical to a safe supply chain.

Mirroring the flexibility of PCI’s approach to Serialization packaging line technologies, our inbound and outbound secure data exchange in support of Serialization allows clients to utilize and leverage existing EPCIS and ERP networks as part of their individual global strategy. PCI interfaces with client preferred IT architecture, offering a seamless and secure networked data exchange for inbound codes as well as completed and commissioned codes upon batch release.

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