Patient Compliance and Adherence

Patient Compliance and Adherence Packaging can play an effective role in maximizing patient compliance and adherence by helping to address core challenges through the use of support tools.

PCI provides insightful and multifaceted solutions for addressing patient compliance and adherence for clinical investigational medicines as well as commercial applications.

Our innovative design and development services department is able to customize packaging solutions that optimize the interaction of the patient and the product including:

  • Unit dose calendarization
  • Dosing instructions and patient education, print and electronic
  • Script drivers including cash cards, coupons, and removable prescriber chart stickers
  • Print and electronic patient education tools
  • Patient-doctor interaction tools – symptoms trackers and patient diaries
  • Guides for lifestyle management
  • Regulatory literature including patient inserts and medication guides
  • Enrollment tools and business reply cards
  • FAQ cards, wallet cards, reminder stickers, and magnets

PCI supports highly automated packaging formats including:

DosepakTM, Dosepak ExpressTM, ShellpakTM, Shellpak RenewTM, PerfpakTM, KeyPakTM, KeyPak PlusTM, EcoSlideTM, and a broad range of proprietary F=1 child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging options.

Electronic Compliance Monitoring

ECM technologies are available for closed loop monitoring of patient health outcomes.

Child Resistant and Consumer Friendly

IntuiDoseTM – This innovative carded blister design features simple push-through dispensing with opportunities for patient education, calendar monitoring and consumer interaction.

IntuiPacTM – A versatile solution designed for multiple product formats and applications. IntuiPac features push-through dispensing combined with sleek design for maximum portability for the on-the-go consumer.

DuraPacTM – Utilizing a durable and rigid outer, the DuraPacTM offers a highly portable and convenient method of supporting patient compliance and adherence.

CIABTM (Compliance In A BottleTM) – An innovative CR/SF compliance package combining the durability and portability of the traditional bottle with the compliance prompting features of the blister pack.

AssuraDoseTM – A portable and convenient package with an easy-to-use opening feature, offering protection for fragile products.

RxBarrierTM – An advanced and cost-effective solution for product protection and child resistance, featuring a secure molded plastic barrier and consumer friendly dispensing mechanism to safeguard against exposure and maximum convenience.

HingePacTM – A unique and sophisticated opening mechanism provides child resistance for rigid and fragile products, while providing for calendarization an enabling patient compliance.

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